Easy, fast and universal!

The product is great for manual strategy backtesting. If you try to do the same in a demo account, it will take an awful amount of time. Using Forex Simulator, you can increase the speed of backtesting almost without limits.

Even if you have no prior trading experience, you will find a great feature named "Lessons and exercises". They are interesting and addictive, gradually advancing your from the simpliest to the most complex trading setups. Traders of any level can find something valuable there.

The complete set of built-in standard indicators and drawing tools. Any time frames, including non-standard and exotic, like ticks or seconds. Highly customizable, including custom color schemes. Detailed documentation and responsive support.

The author really listens to the users, their criticism and advice. All bug reports and feature requests were implemented in few hours, all minor details I noticed were fixed almost instantly.

I highly recommend the product. Thanks to the author!

Eugeny Shestakov

All I can say is that Forex Simulator is a high quality product, its author is an expert in this field.

I was one of the early beta-testers. When there were some problems with the product, he solved them hands-on quickly and carefully.

As for the product itself, I'm absolutely happy. The best way to learn and exercise, I like it!

The only missing feature is video tutorias. There are plenty of interesting features, I want to learn how to use all of them.

Eugeny Shamarin

I want to say "Thank you!" to Max Pastukhov for Forex Simulator. Really great product from a famous software developer. When using his products before, I was never disappointed.

Real and accurate tick data (99% quality), spreads, slippage. Speed and time are synchronized between all currency pairs which means multi-currency trading simulation without limits. Detailed trading reports with charts and export to other formats.

Trading theory is great but it's never enough. You can't drive a car after reading several books on driving. The same is true for trading, especially if you use higher time frames like D1. How long do you need to wait until a good setup? Without the simulator, you have no luck in polishing your trading skills, you will just lose your time and money.

I like lessons and exercises, they are great to develop gut feeling of the market in a short time.

When looking for the words that best describe the product, only "must have" came to my mind. Here you will find everything you need if you decided to become a consistently profitable trader.

What's more important is that the product is rapidly advancing towards becoming the best product on the market. Max listens to the users and immediately implements almost all requested features, fixes bugs and pays great attention to details.


I like the product: it's fast and visually attractive, it has plenty of interesting and important features. Non-standard timeframes is the feature I like the most. Simple and powerful product at the same time.

The author always listens to his customers. While I'm already happy with the product, I expect it to become even better in the future.

Thank you!

Ildar Sayfutdinov

I'm one of the first beta-testers of the product and I must say that it's just perfect. I'm so sure because I participated in its development by generating ideas and helping Max to make it better.

Clean and attractive interface, fast and convenient backtesting, more than 95% of suggested features were finally added to the product, as well as other people ideas. High quality software, with great attention to the tiniest details.

I recommend it from all my heart! Thank you, Max, I wish you all the best!

Marsel Fayzullin