Looking for an Acquisition

When I came into the niche, I expected to become a trader and organize/automate my work, developing and selling great products. While the second part was easy, I soon found that I don't actually enjoy trading. I would prefer to develop something in marketing niche, as I did in the past. My previous business was in keyword research tools, I was the leader in the local market for 10+ years.

I've already started to develop a new marketing product, so I want to get rid of all my trading-related products and code as soon as possible. I know that Forex Simulator may be of great value to a company in this highly-competitive market. I'm not even talking about promoting and selling it as yet another trading simulator, there are more creative applications for it:

  1. Use the product as a never-ending free source of high-quality leads. Just release it under your company brand, upload to freeware software archives, then the crowd will do the rest. You will get a never-ending stream of targeted leads to your core products and services. Brand awareness will grow naturally as well.
  2. Develop your own brand new trading platform.Taking into account that the client side is almost ready, including some trading execution business logic, it will not take much time to develop the server side of it. Fresh and clean interface, great quality and high speed can easily make you the leader of the market.
  3. The last but not the least proftiable - launch a great product for end customers. It's what I intended to do initially, until I gave up on trading. The closest competitor earned $10,000,000+ in the last 10 years. Taking into account the quality of feedback I got from first beta users, it will not be that hard. They literally love the product, all testimonials are real.

All I need is several months of free time for new product development and marketing, $20,000 total. I don't even need the whole amount right now, you can make 3 payments in 3 months to make it easier for you. Something like 10-5-5 will be great.

What will you get from me? The complete product source code, its English and Russian domain names, website content and exclusive transferrable rights for all of the above. I will sell it to a single company only, there will be no other products with the same code and design around.

On top of that, I will assist your software developers and help them to add any features you need for a single month after acquisition, 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Then you will get 6 months of free support via e-mail once a day. I've transferred sources in the past, it's easier than you can expect.

The product is written in managed C# code only with some small pieces of unmanaged code for speed optimization. It's well structured, all comments are in English. I have 20+ years of software development experience, the code is perfect.

Please contact me for more details.