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Juan Dechia asked 2 months ago

This is awesome!I\\’m so glad I found this program. I just got one problem with order sizing, seems like is not possible to use any other order volume size than the ones in the drop-down list you provided when setting a new order, which includes lot size from 1.0 all the way down to 0.1. is not possible to have a custom size like 1.5 or any custom size for that matter. I found in the settings an option to provide the minimum lot size, but is set to 0.01 by default and is not working. I believe the solution would be to make the order sizes customizable whit a maximum and minimum option in the settings, and according to that let the user enter any size they desire between those sizes. I\\’m sure I didn\\’t have to be so long at explaining the problem, but I appreciate your work very much. Thanks a lot!